Question: Who is this service available for?
Answer: Add Plays is designed for any serious musician or band who wants to get thousands or millions of plays on SoundCloud. We welcome all music styles, and can help you increase your exposure fast!

NOTE: We do Not endorse any tracks that contain lyrics that: are hateful, promote excessive violence, or express vulgarity. We reserve our full right to refuse services for these reasons or any other reason we feel goes against the good intentions (and purpose) of our promotional service.

Question: Do you guarantee the full number of plays?
Answer: Yes! We guarantee the full number of plays with every order, plus some!

Question: Can you please explain how this works?
Answer: It is important to note that we are not providing you with music fans or listeners directly, but increasing your plays, likes, reposts, etc. Unique and safe traffic methods are strictly used for the purpose of increasing your SoundCloud plays which may result in more attention to your tracks. We cannot claim that people will listen to your song(s), or become fans due to our traffic methods. We also use unique and safe methods for providing likes, reposts, authentic style comments and followers. If you are looking for building a long term music career, then getting more plays on SoundCloud is a great step forward!

Question: How much does this service cost?
Answer: Currently our plan pricing starts at only $9.99 per month (10,000+ plays). You also get your first 15 days of service starting at only $1.99 cents. In addition you receive our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Question: Do you offer customer service and support?
Answer: Yes! We are available to answer your additional questions or you may cancel services at anytime. Feel free to call (586) 480-3000 or +01.586.480.3000 to speak with a live customer service representative. You can also send email to 24/7.

Question: Can you tell me more about you guys?
Answer: Since 1996 we have enjoyed helping thousands of great artists and bands. Over the years we have provided a wide variety of services and projects under the company name, 3000 Records. We appreciate working with people who are serious about their music, and ready to take steps towards building their music career.

Question: How do I sign up?
Answer: Signing up is super easy! Simply select a SoundCloud plays trial package, make your payment, and send us your information. That’s it! We will take it from there and look forward to helping you succeed. Click Here To Sign Up

Question: Do I have to give you my password?
Answer: We do not require your password on SoundCloud. The only thing required is for you to fill out our Easy Submission Form to send us the URL(s) to your track(s). That’s it.

Question: Can I remove or add song(s) later on?
Answer: Yes!  We are happy to update your order anytime. Simply return to the Easy Submission Form to re-submit your updated tracks. We’ll take it from there.

Question: What about getting more likes, reposts, and comments for my tracks on SoundCloud?
Answer: We realize the importance of getting likes, reposts, and comments. Our likes, reposts, and comments are high quality, however, as you may realize these are not from individual people due to the nature of these services. We offer these additional services when you order our Gold and Platinum packages with guaranteed results.

Question: This rocks! Do you have a promo message I can Tweet about to share your info. with other artists and bands?
Answer: Yes! We would love for you to help us get the word out about our services. It helps us to keep expenses down and prices lower. Share this tweet.

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Confidentiality Agreement: 3000 Records respects your privacy. We will protect and keep your information confidential at all times, Period. We look forward to helping you reach thousands of plays on SoundCloud!

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